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Our Partners

The BC Home Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Programs work very closely with BC Children’s Hospital.

British Columbia Children’s Hospital Intestinal Rehabilitation
Program (BCCHIRP)

Created in 2010 by the Complex Feeding and Nutrition Service (CFNS) and the Division of Pediatric General Surgery, the BCCHIRP works closely with the BC HPN Program, the BC Children’s Home IV Therapy Team and the Department of Pharmacy to provide care to all infants and children who require HPN. We also work collaboratively with pediatricians, family doctors, specialists and other health care providers across BC and the Yukon.

Medical Director (CFNS): Dr. Linda Casey

Dr. Casey is a pediatrician with specialized training in nutrition for children. Together with the multidisciplinary CFNS based at BC Children’s Hospital, she is responsible for the nutritional and medical management of all children in the province who require HPN.

Pediatric General Surgeon: Dr. Sonia Butterworth

Dr. Butterworth is a pediatric general surgeon with a special interest in nutrition and intestinal rehabilitation. She is responsible for the surgical management of children on HPN as a result of severe intestinal impairment requiring surgery. Dr. Butterworth participates in the medical management of these patients and also acts as a consultant on the medical management of children on HPN for non-surgical reasons. Dr. Butterworth works with other health care professionals in maintaining children’s overall health status as it relates to their nutrition.

Dietitian / Coordinator (CFNS): Debby S. Martins

Debby is a registered dietitian with specialized training in parenteral and enteral nutrition. She provides nutrition education and works with families to help them understand the importance of their child’s personalized nutrition requirements. Debby monitors growth, nutritional intake, tolerance to oral and enteral nutrition, and tolerance to PN. With the medical director, she reviews laboratory values and coordinates adjustments to the PN solution. She also liaises with the HPN supply company to ensure solutions are accurate.

Debby is also the coordinator of the CFNS and BCCHIRP. She works with the BCCHIRP in screening pediatric HPN candidates and in establishing administrative guidelines to ensure the Service functions well. She coordinates HPN discharges and is involved in special projects for the continued improvement of patient care.

Home IV Therapy Team

The Home IV Therapy Team is comprised of 5 registered nurses with specialized training in IV therapy and HPN. They work with children and their families during the training period to teach the techniques required to safely infuse PN at home. Once training is complete, they provide consultation for HPN and PICC related care. They also liaise with the HPN supply company to ensure that the proper HPN supplies are provided.

Nurse (CFNS)

The nurse participates in discharge planning and ensures children receive all the supplies required for their care. After discharge, she acts as one of the first points of contact when families have concerns about their child’s health. During clinic, she performs an initial evaluation and does the child’s blood work.

Occupational Therapist (CFNS): Rochelle Stokes

Rochelle is a registered occupational therapist with specialized training in feeding and has extensive experience working with children with complex medical conditions. She provides support to children with feeding difficulties.

Pharmacist: Sharon Ho

Sharon is a clinical pharmacist with specialized training in pediatrics. She provides consultation services to the team by helping to manage and monitor their complex medication profiles, providing drug information and medication counseling.

Secretary (CFNS): Jana Sadler

Jana provides administrative support to the Complex Feeding and Nutrition Service. She acts as a central liaison of information regarding patient flow and triages communication within the program. Jana coordinates appointments, maintains patient charts and ensures the team has the materials needed to properly and efficiently care for patients.

Social Worker (CFNS): Kathryn Urquhart

Kathryn is a social worker with extensive experience working with children with complex medical conditions. She participates in discharge planning and ensures children on HPN and their families are linked with the appropriate community resources as well as funding programs. She acts as an advocate for children on HPN and provides emotional support to their families.

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