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HEN Referrals

The British Columbia Home Enteral Nutrition (BC HEN) Program provides support to patients in British Columbia and the Yukon who have specialized nutrition requirements due to gastrointestinal tract (“gut”) problems.

If you are a health care professional and would like to make a referral to the BC HEN Program, please review the information below.

All referrals must be made by a physician.

Adult and Pediatric Referrals

Complete the Pediatric and Adult Application forms electronically by clicking on the grey boxes. Once complete, print off the form and fax it to 604-806-8044.

Important Changes to the BC Pediatric HEN Program Effective October 1, 2019


1. Once the Application Form is received it will be review for completeness and appropriateness. This step takes up to 1 week. If the application is incomplete or requires further clarification, a fax will be sent to the referring physician outlining what information is required.

2. Complete applications are reviewed by the BC HEN dietitian and adult or pediatric medical director. This step takes about 1 week. If the patient is accepted onto the Program, the dietitian organizes the first delivery of formula and/or supplies to be sent from Product Distribution Centre to the patient’s home.

3. The patient and the referring physician both receive a copy of the BC HEN Program ‘approval letter’. This letter outlines the formula and/or supplies approved for a specified time frame.

4. The patient and/or caregiver are responsible for contacting Product Distribution Centre for all future orders within the approval period.

Renewal or Formula Change

All re-referrals and formula changes must be made by a physician. Formula volume changes can be made by a dietitian

For patients already accepted on the program, complete the electronically. Once complete, print off the form and fax it to 604-806-8044.

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